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"But really, I figure that is what the AMS-Forum is for. If it prompts someone to look down the road, to plan, maybe to share, then it's all for that possibility."

Michelle Boll Tucor Services Guam


September, 2000

Ron Contarino! Ron Contarino The Art of War
Christopher P. Shinn! Christopher P. Shinn CRP Considerations relative to
Archie White! Archie White Herb said this business is getting tougher all the time
Danny! Danny Rambling, Ignorant, Operations Dribble
Mike Dammer! Mike Dammer Customer Service Caveats
Eric Scorzelli! Eric Scorzelli Without Customers, There Is No Business

August, 2000

Bill Musser! Bill Musser Eating COD
Ed Birch! Ed Birch More on Tariff 2000
Archie White! Archie White I Hope I'm Wrong
John M. Brown! John M. Brown Movers Sell A Service!
Ron Contarino! Ron Contarino Tariff 2000 Fables

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July, 2000

Bob McMillan! Bob McMillan Overselling moves

Voted Message of The Month!

June, 2000

Archie C. White! Archie C. White III The problem with the moving business is discounts
Christopher Noblit! Christopher Noblit Dot Com's and a Mover's Fear of Being Left Behind
Bob @ Laine Grant! Bob @ Laine Grant Setting Your Own Price For Moving

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May, 2000

Eric Scorzelli! Eric Scorzelli Movers are missing missing the boat on what the internet does
Jim Clowers! Jim Clowers 2 reasons to fear priceline moves
Eric Scorzelli! Eric Scorzelli A Unified Moving Community

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April, 2000

Bernie Kirbach! Bernie Kirbach You will be in for the fight of your lives
T.J. Carney! T.J. Carney What if we all wished success on one another?
Danny! Danny We have the power to change things for our drivers
Bob At Laine Grant! Bob
Laine Grant
Swappin' Real Estate Leads From Jail
Michele George! Michele George
Infinity Mgt.
But the drivers don't know the dicount!
Mike Dammer! Mike Dammer As ye sow so shall ye reap
Ron Contarino! Ron Contarino
Infinity Mgt.
What we advise our customers

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March, 2000

Patrick Griffin! Patrick Griffin The Tariff is not a Pricing Mechanism
Anonymous! Anonymous Tariff 2000 - Answers From Above
Bob at Laine Grant! Bob @ Laine Grant There are many ways to motivate employees
Jim Clowers! Jim Clowers Base Commissions on The Gross Instead of The Net

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February, 2000

Bob at Laine Grant! Bob @ Laine Grant Moving franchises and the value of a brand name.
Mike Dammer! Mike Dammer Surcharge For Everything!
T.J. Carney! T.J. Carney More on the fuel surcharge
Joe Turpin! Joe Turpin Sales reps need to be informed by management!

Voted Message of The Month!

January, 2000

Mike McCarthy! Mike McCarthy Is this the tail wagging the dog?
William Musser! William Musser "I listened"
A Thread! A Thread!
Mike Perkins
T.J. Carney
Paul Lopez
"Do we need a for the moving industry?"
Michael Maffucci! Michael Maffucci! A Call To Arms - Instituting A Nationwide Positive Image Campaign For Movers!

Voted Message of The Month!

November, 1999

Mark Gray! Mark Gray How To Retain Quality Employees

John Leistritz!

John Leistritz Discounting Reply

January, 1999

Thomas Madden!

Thomas Madden Just Fix It
Thomas Madden! Thomas Madden Replies To Mark Stears Why Not Try The Lottery Instead

February, 1999

Wendie Skajem!

Wendie Skaje Replies To Jason Sherman Bad Press Honest Selling
John Leistritz! John Leistritz The 3 Dimensions of Media Strategy

March, 1999

Mike Dammer!

Mike Dammer 3rd Party Service Arrangers

April, 1999


Danny DL442 Drivers And Discounted Shipments


Danny DL442 The Kangaroo Court

Gary Duke!

Gary Duke The Order Taking Philosophy Is Damaging To Us All
Paul Lopez! Paul Lopez Someone Should Start A New Van Line

May, 1999

Thomas Madden! Thomas Madden Base Compensation On Order Desirability
DL442! Danny DL442 How Drivers Can Mitigate Damage Claims
T.J. Carney! Danny DL442 The Moving Industry Needs Fundamental Change
Art Livermore! Art Livermore Let's Be Accountable!

June, 1999

T.J. Carney! T.J. Carney Compensation Package For Hourly Workers
Eric Scorzelli! Eric Scorzelli The strength of a company is the professionalism by which they operate
Eric Scorzelli! Eric Scorzelli (with replies) Behind Every Irate Customer...
T.J. Carney! T.J. Carney Account bookers over-state their value to small agents

July, 1999

Danny! Danny DL442 When will we ever learn!
Larry Fry! Larry Fry This industry is nuts!
Jim Chretien! Jim Chretien They cannot negotiate price without negotiating service!
Ed Birch! Ed Birch Its ridiculous to blame the salesman
Joe Mover! Sales Commission vs. Salary
Annie! Annie Driver Profitability

Voted Message of The Month!

August, 1999

David! David Y2k Jobs are sold based on parameters specified by management!
Ed Birch! Ed Birch Surely sales types have plenty to gripe about
Ed Birch! Ed Birch We can do better than this!
Wendie Storrs! Wendie Storrs What Impresses Buyers
Mark Stears! Mark Stears Two bad apples do not make a bunch of bad sales reps!

Voted Message of The Month!

September, 1999

T.J. Carney! T.J. Carney Diesel Fuel, Sweat, and Tears
T.J. Carney! T.J. Carney What I like about the moving business

Voted Message of The Month!

October, 1999

Tony Armiger! Tony Armiger You get what you pay for
Bob at Laine Grant! Bob at Laine Grant Here is an example!
Bob McMillan! Bob McMillan Generalization and prejudice
Mike Dammer! Mike Dammer Anyone can do this...if everything goes right!

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Voted 1999's Message of The Year!

November, 1999

June Fowler! June Fowler Women can succeed in the moving business!
A Thread! Bob at Laine Grant, Archie White, Bernie Kirbach, John Leistritz A Thread - Fast Train Coming - More movers but less business
Patrick Griffin! The Giant!
(Patrick Griffin)
Things have limits!
John Leistritz! John Leistritz Don't sell yourself or your company short

Voted Message of The Month!

December, 1999

T.J. Carney! T.J. Carney Is there a killer app for this problem?
T.J. Carney! Chris Noblit
(With Help From

Mike Dammer)
And I though it was a wash!

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