Date: January 26, 1999
From: "Thomas Madden" <>
Subject: AMS-Forum comments on comments
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On 1/25 in John's Responses to Comments, he told us that he had learned that the Rate Making Committees increase tariff charges in hopes that "some of it will stick". There is some scant evidence that this works occasionally: emergency fuel surcharge, insurance surcharge, etc., that were 'rolled into' the reissues of the tariff.

I would like to suggest to the corporate officers of all the van lines who make the decision to fund the efforts of these Committees: Take 10% of the money now expended on these exercises and invest that sum in the Lottery! They might get a dollar or two in return that they could add to the 90% saving gained by abstaining from the increasing foolish work of mutating our industry in a clone of "credit jewelers", "credit dentistry", "damaged freight liquidators" and "TV pitch men".

I hope and pray that the 'decision makers' one day develop a vision inclusive of the bottom line, market share, operating ratios, return on investment, AND the image of the industry as a whole. In the meantime, it is up to me to make mine the best it can be and to participate in as little industry foolishness as possible.

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