Date: April 23, 1999
From: Paul Lopez <>
Subject: AMS-Forum Our industry
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Let me tell you what needs to happen in our industry. Someone with extremely deep pockets needs to step up and start their own van lines. This van line will, in turn, offer any owner-operator with moving experience a compensation package they could not refuse. As word spreads of this venture to other drivers they start defecting to this new van line.

Slowly but surely this new van line acquires most of the well established owner-operators from all the major carriers and, one by one, the crowd of movers gets smaller (its tough to offer those 75% discount with no drivers!). Moral here? How many of these close-door meetings which occur in our moving world today really involve the main cast who are actually responsible for our existence? I can tell you were I work all decisions regarding local contracts and pricing are made without one bit of owner-operator input.

In major contract negotiations with accounts what role do the drivers really play with negotiations (Alan can probably answer this)? Let's face it, no matter what decisions are made, the owner-operators who contract for

a specific agent are expected to abide by all final decisions, without any say whatsoever. One day for one van line who continues to offer price (a la David) in such an out of control way may wind up having to hire a horse and buggy to perform that relocation because their drivers will be working for the aforementioned van line. Keep it up. It will happen. Its happening already.

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