Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2000
Subject: AMS-Forum Best Driver
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Yes, my post about only having the best can be seen as "wishful" and idealistic". I was aiming for the goal: We will only employ the best people we can find, at every level of our organization. I think Kathy's reply that it's hard to hold crews together over the "slow" season is one of the root issues. Some manage to do deal with that by diversifying into other work - office moves, furniture assemble, plain delivery work, for those people that are worth keeping.

If you take a real interest in each and every employee (what their goals are) and make a plan to help them achieve them (a plan that coincides with what your goals are) you'll get more mileage out of most of them. Sure, they may move on when the they are ready for more "brain" and less "brawn" work. However, that doesn't mean the brawn has to be brainless and treated as such. You have to help them attain a sense of pride in their "craft" if you will, and put tradesmanship back into the job. There are countless little ways of doing that.

Then, when something goes wrong, at least you know the people on the job were doing the best they could. I still contend it's costs more to do a move with a poor crew than to not do one at all. I suspect that the real problem isn't that a moving company has a less than best crew on the line, it's rather that it accepts that as normal and has no plan to improve the situation. I'm not talking about salaries. Ask any HR expert and they'll concur that there are hundreds of non-pay related ways to motivate employees. So, how many of those ways have been extended to the guys in the trenches? I'll bet you have some good ideas here, so maybe you could share them.

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