Date: Fri 5 May 2000
From: Jim Clowers <>
Subject: AMS-Forum 2 reasons to fear priceline moves
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What a morning! I booked an intrastate move Flint to Detroit over the phone. The man was too busy for a visual survey but said he had: 3 desks, 15 boxes, and a riding mower. So I quoted for a 2100 lb minimum with estimated charge of $407, and told him if it were more he'd pay more. The crew arrived and found about 30 open top boxes, a lathe, a drill press, about 8 chairs, a riding mower with a trailer, a roto tiller, a push mower, you get the picture, and needed a refer set out. The weight came to 4920 lbs and $853. Now I'm one of those gougers he saw on 60 minutes. Had this been an interstate firm price through the internet, there'd be bad feelings all around.

Case 2 A little old woman set up a local move. She called from a hospital room and she was going to have her friend handle the move for her. She explained that she had renal failure and was undergoing dialysis, so an estimate wouldn't work. She explained that she had a small apartment and it sounded like a 2 hour move, but she was 40 miles from me and said movers in her area couldn't handle her move date. I said there would be 2 hours of travel time and she agreed. The problem: My crew called and said that there was human feces, blood and vomit in the bedroom and they didn't want to move that part. I spoke to the lady handling it and she said she'd give the men rubber gloves but didn't want anything moved unless we moved it all. I pulled my crew from the job. So now I have 2 hours wasted and an unhappy customer, at least I don't have AAAMove hounding me about a breach of contract.

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