Date: August 2, 1999
From: "EBIRCH" <>
Subject: AMS-Forum We all need to better understand

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Y'know, a sales rep goes into a home to talk to folks relocating and attempts to sell the product his/her van line and agency claim the product to be. Than packers may not perform as advertised, or a van does not even show up, or the shipment is damaged, or the van line claims department is rude and uncaring to the customer, or etc., etc., etc. What I don't see here, or anywhere else, are sales reps demanding answers from the operations departments of agents, or the van line, as to WHY these things sometimes happen. Actually they happen enough to have given our industry a black eye over many years. But on the other hand, the people responsible for the training and performance of the service providers seem to be obsessed with finding fault with the sales rep. Why is this so?

Quality selling is as much an art as a skill. Everyone cannot do it well, including many who are earning their living as sales reps. But for those who cannot do it at all, to sit on the sidelines and take pot shots at those who do, well that seems to be a popular pastime for many operations types. Why is that so? Surely sales types have plenty to gripe about with the way some of their customers are treated, but they don't seem to spend their time continuously bashing individuals in operations. It seems to me that sales is expected to UNDERSTAND, but it doesn't work in reverse in this or other forums. Maybe its because the sales rep is easily identified, but the persons responsible for the services provided to the customer are among the famous "THEY". Most of the time their is no direct accountability for poor service, and the wagons circle when anyone tries to place individual accountability and responsibility. The sales rep stands alone in the spotlight with nowhere to hide, but if you will notice, they don't have bulls eyes stuck on them so why keep shooting at them?

Ed Birch

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