Date: Mon 23 May 2000
From: Eric Scorzelli < >
Subject: AMS-Forum Everyone complains about the weather but...
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<< Here in California, the PUC put on several new agents and have gone after the Yellow Page movers who don't have the proper license(s). They use the Public Utilities Authority and confiscate their phone numbers - wham - their out of business. Seems to be having some effect. They shut down several So. Cal. operators already. >>

Sounds like Cali is regulated by the PUC. Here in NY the DOT is the enforcement arm and they do not have any of the powers that a Public Utilities Commission has. They would love to have phone turn-off capability but it has been shot down many times.

A phone turn-off bill is in the State legislation now and is endorsed by The NY Movers and Warehousemens association. There is a very slim chance that it will pass, and an even slimmer chance that we ( The NYSMA- NY State Movers and Warehousemens association) would have enough lobbying power to bring about the change needed in Albany because while many people complain about the weather very few want to do something about it.

I just attended the NY Convention and the turnout was mediocre. The convention was a great success for those that attended and we did raise some funds for the warchest, however the amount of participation and money that the moving community fails to put in place is beyond me.

I read and hear about all the bad things being placed in front of the movers but I have yet to see a true show of force by a unified Moving community. The same group of committed movers have done the brunt of the work, the bulk of the lobbying, and donated the most time and money over the last 15 years that I have been involved in this business.

Some of them have committed many hours of work to make sure that the things that need to change,are changed ,and the things that need to stay the same, stay the same. I know that it is hard to add a few more work hours to an already heavy week and I know that it is hard to donate money as the bottom line diminishes, but think of the alternative. I watch each year as the Boards and Committees burn out the membership and the number of new volunteers diminishes.

Your industry needs your time and money.

If you cannot give up one then at least offer up the other. Pardon me for being an outsider looking in but "pup up or shut up".

Hoping this creates a dialogue about volunteerism,

Eric Scorzelli
Eastern Seaboard Packaging

PS - If you wish to become a member of the New York State Movers and Warehousemens Association please contact

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