Date: Fri, 22 Sept 2000
From: "Mike Dammer" <>
Subject: AMS-Forum Customer Service
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Two guys walk into a bar.

Bartender says, "What can I do for you guys?"

First guy says, "Just shoot me, I'm having a terrible day."

Bartender pulls out a shotgun. Blows the guy in half.

Looks at the second guy and says, "What can I do for you?"

The concept of "The customer is always right" carries with it some restrictions.

When you let our customers, who may never have moved before, tell us how to run our industry, you are headed for trouble.

We are not required to give telephone estimates. When you give one it's you, the mover, who made the mistake. You know better. It's your job to explain to the customer that, unless they can fax their house to you, you can not provide an accurate estimate without coming to their home. Then strongly advise them that anyone who says otherwise is NOT doing them a service.

We all train our drivers so that when they get to a residence and see more work then expected to call the office right away, NOT after they are loaded. If you don't, shame on you. If you do, listen to them when they call. Any decent driver can prevent substantial overcharges by getting the customer together with management when he sees a problem. Not all drivers are equally as accurate. Not all sales reps are equally as accurate. Everybody (including our customer) makes mistakes. If you deal with this stuff before the goods go on the truck the level of anger on both sides is usually much less.

When you get the customer who refuses to see reason or may be less than honest, you are always better refusing to load rather then refusing to deliver. NO ONE CAN FORCE YOU TO LOAD SOMETHING YOU SHOULDN'T OR ACCEPT A DISCOUNT THAT IS NOT COMPENSATORY. WE DO THAT TO OURSELVES. It is not good customer service to let the customer force you into making a mistake and then blame them when the job goes bad.


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