Date: August 1, 1999
From: "DAVID" <>
Subject: Re: AMS-Forum I couldn't disagree more

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Ed is 100% correct on his point regarding salespeople.We can only sell a job based on the parameters that you the agency principle or you van lines dictate to us the poor lowly salesperson. We don't set the discount levels. you do. When it comes to whether I win or lose a sales opportunity I always want to win. At that point I have invested my own time that I don't receive any compensation for unless I sell something. I follow the rules and will discount up to the point dictated by the van lines. When their are 4 or 5 competitors on each job I have to be as aggressive as I can or I starve to death.

If I don't sell everybody is on my back. I let the Owner of the agency down. The drivers, the operations guys and most of all My family.

You have to hard sell close at every opportunity or never get a second chance with the customer.

If that is viewed as being pushy or ruthless I am guilty of trying to feed my family.

Waiting for the AXE to fall, or the Y2K.


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