Date: Sat, 23 Sept 2000
From: "Eric Scorzelli" <>
Subject: Re: AMS-Forum AMSA! If you don't ask, you'll NEVER know...
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Chris Noblit wrote:
<< I don't understand how you can be so positive about Tariff 2000, but such a defeatist about a positive image campaign for our industry. >>

Eric Scorzelli replied:
A quote from the greatest sales training book I ever read. "How to become a Rainmaker" by Jeffrey Lyons

The most important success factor in any business or organization is having a customer. This is more important than the business idea, the products, the machinery,the buildings,the financing,or the people. It is the customer that pays everyone's salary, that pays the 401(k) plan, bonuses,vacations, health insurance, computers, and office furniture. Customers are known by many names: members,students,fans, soldiers,parishioners, patients. Regardless of what they are called, without customers no organization can continue to survive. Therefore, the paramount job of every single employee in an organization is to, directly or indirectly, get and keep customers. This is true without exception.

  • Cherish customers at all times
  • Treat customers as you would your best friend
  • Listen to customers and decipher their needs
  • Make ( or give) customers what they need.
  • Price your product tits dollarized value.
  • Show customers the dollarized value of what they will get.
  • Teach customers to want what they need.
  • Make your product the way customers want it.
  • Get your product to the customers when they want it.
  • Give your customers a little extra, more than they expect.
  • Remind customers of the dollarized value of what they received.
  • Thank each customer sincerely and often.
  • Help customers pay you so they won't be embarrassed and go elsewhere.
  • Ask to do it again.

Positive campaigns do work. If we all put a few dollars behind the program whether nationally (AMSA) or locally (State associations) or most importantly in our own backyards by teaching our people that there is a right way to sell (sell is not a dirty word) then we do make a difference in the customers price vs. cost perception.

Eric Scorzelli
Eastern Seaboard Packaging

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