Date: Fri, 15 Sept 2000
From: "Ron Contarino" < >
Subject: AMS-Forum THE ART OF WAR - READ IT!
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Herb Conklin wrote:
I'll be happy to try to answer your question about AMSA. There is no "outside" help that AMSA uses to "compile" their data. The shipment information that is utilized by AMSA is supplied to AMSA by virtually all of the major carriers. AMSA's statistics are formulated by using the hundreds of thousands of shipments that are moved by these household goods carriers. With all due respect, from this broad sample, you should come up with some pretty accurate figures, and this is what the moving industry is relying on. The testing that is now being done by some carriers and agents should show up any flaws in the system. I have not seen anyone able to work on so massive a project and not make some mistakes. We are talking about mere human beings here. I have a question for you. You mentioned about your organization seeing a 40% "error factor". Are you talking about invoices for interstate moving services being wrong 40% of the time? If you are, wouldn't this be one argument for a "simplified" tariff that would be harder to rate improperly? This is certainly one of the "key" factors that our industry wants to accomplish in this project. I've been in this business all my life, and I sure would not want the job of using our present tariff to rate a job. It is just too complicated.

Herb Conklin

Ron Contarino replied:
Herb, One of the measures of success in any army or organized element is the ability of those in charge to convince the troops, those most likely to die or suffer loss, that their cause is just and good and to act without thought or question in accordance to those teachings. Congratulations on your indoctrination!

Its so easy to believe others when you do not have the skills or facts to evaluate and prove things for yourself. History repeats itself when we fail to learn its lessons because we may not like what it teaches us. I will have to wait, along with you, to see the finished Tariff,(although we do have the draft, which has supplied us more information and facts than you have and have evaluated well over 2,000 single factor invoices, which you haven't)although regimes which quietly formulate the ideal society for its populace have historically proved to be disastrous (Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Suddam, Khomeini, Napoleon, etc.).

FYI- Yesterday, I had the pleasure of teaching an account how to improve their service, while giving their movers a lower discount by bringing their program back in house. This account's movers will now have to go from a 68% discount to a 53% and work with the account rather than the very, very large 3rd party. How is that I am able to demonstrate this value while movers LIKE you (not all, please don't confuse my intent)are not able to accomplish this. In case you are wondering how I did it, I had the facts and figures to PROVE my position. I am so evil and terrible aren't I?

Ron Contarino

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