Date: October 13, 1999
From: "Bob McMillan" <>
Subject: Re: AMS-Forum agent switching van lines

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<<Because for the most part all van lines are just the same. MONEY SUCKERS THAT DRAIN THE AGENTS.>>

Tom, please stop.

Money sucking van lines - lying, cheating sales persons - lazy, greedy owners - the list goes on and on and is nothing more than a sweeping generalization and the very foundation of prejudice. Its wrong.

If you are unhappy with the van line you represent then change van lines. Don't start with the "van lines gaining because they receive goodwill" because this is a symbiosis where the van line benefits from a strong agent and the agent benefits from a strong van line. You know from the start what you will pay to a van line for booking business into their system. Perhaps someone has advised you that they pay less to their van line for booking commissions or for supplies or what ever. Let me just suggest that if you are going to go looking for a new frog because your frog has warts consider that the new frog probably has warts too, you just don't know where they are. If you firmly believe that all van lines are bad then become an independent and you won't have to march to anyone's drum but your own.

<<40 years of history is a lot to give up for basically the same (snip) But legacy and history is far more important.>>

97 years is also a great deal to give up, but I can tell you unequivocally that all van lines are not "basically the same". Not only are they different in the product lines they choose to pursue, but also in the way they support all product lines. They are also different in the way they interact with their agency systems, the way they settle with agents, the way they interact with their common customers and their strategic planning. Sure, legacy and history are important too, but not nearly as important as how well you and your van line take care of your customer.

Bob McMillan

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