Date: Mon 3 Apr 2000
From: "Mike Dammer" <>
Subject: AMS-Forum As ye sow so shall ye reap
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Bob said:
" I would personally call on the account to see what they are feeling. "

There it is! It really is no more complex than that. When your sales person comes in and whines about competition, pricing, et al, do you abdicate responsibility and decision making to them or do you get involved?

Go to the account. Talk to them. Give them the information presented in the forum. Not as a complaint but as an explanation. SELL THE SERVICE. SELL THE COMPANY you all seem to be so proud of. Demonstrate to the sales person that you do not have to be the lowest price to get the sale. Lead by example! Sitting back and complaining about van lines, tariffs, sales people and everything else is only adding cheese and crackers to the sales person's whine.

Will you be successful 100% of the time, probably not. Will you loose an account, most likely. Will you win, I should hope so! If management can not sell the concept of proper pricing to the account or COD customer than how can you expect the people who work for you?

Do you really want to get a sales person's attention? Next time they come to you with the "I have to discount more" story tell the "I would like to personally call on the account with you to discuss this." Watch the eyes get big! "Why, don't you trust me? Don't you think I did a good job?" Sales person I think you did a great job. But there comes a point where I am prepared to walk away from the business and we have reached it. Out of my love and respect for you I am willing to personally meet with these people to see if there is anything else we can do. I'll do everything I can short of subsidizing their relocation program so set a date and time and let's go at it together.

At this point if you loose you have done everything you can and you owe that to your sales person anyway. But if you win you have proven your point and established a precedent that could turn your company around. All you risk is a little of your time.


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