Date: August 1, 1999
From: "Mark Stears" <>
Subject: Re: AMS-Forum Aint no way
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Alan, This subject and bashing of salespeople has been going on for sometime now. I think it is high time to move on to something constructive. One or two bad apples do not make the whole crop unworthy! I for one have spent as much time as I can asking questions and understanding what it takes to be profitable in this business. I sell and sell well. Closing 85% of my COD estimates. Office and business moves have taken a steady increase and Contract sales have started to come on line for us. But I am, as you must think different from the avg. salesperson or agent you must know. I care about the success of my company. Yes we are a small Mom and Pop, but we do well for our size. Sometimes a 59% discount can help to generate much more business. Point in take. I gave a 58% discount on a 12,000 COD from NY to VA. Got THREE more moves from friends or relatives of those people with the highest cut at 55%. One was a 16,660 to VA at 50%!! The important point in this is I made it a point to learn the business when I started here three years ago. I communicate with the owners and know what we can and can not do. I sell an outstanding services backed by over 30 years of experience and known outstanding moving and storage work in our area. I truly believe that a successful salesperson needs to learn the business, work the business, and mostly be dedicated to ensuring the business continues for a long time. He/she must do what ever is needed to make it work. Fill in as a packer, helper, loader, what ever is needed, even drive a straight truck if needed. That is how I approach this position.

Professional Sales Agent. And proud of it!!!! And by the way, I'm a salary employee!

So please, not every salesperson is the demise of a moving company. Get ride to those who do not perform. ( Let them sell shoes!!) But it is ownerships responsibility to do that. Well that's my Saturday afternoon two cents.

Mark Stears
Norman Bros., Moving and Storage
Newburgh, NY

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