Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000
From: <>
Subject: RE: AMS-Forum COD HHG's - I hope I'm wrong...
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Everybody raises the same point, COD work is a bidding war to see who can give away the most for the most headaches. That the national accounts are where the meat of the industry is at. I say the real meat is training your sales, operations and drivers to recognize how they as employees effect the bottom line to your company. You allow them to represent you and the company. We train our staff to recognize the concerns and expectations of the customer right from the first phone call. If its a COD we outline the parameters of the move and we come right out and ask how many estimates and are they calling legitimate movers, or shopping for the cheapest price. We don't need to waste the salesman's time or fuel spinning their wheels being cheap. WE SELL A SERVICE!

If there's any salesman worth anything, he will screen and evaluate the services and sell the job accordingly. Not to be the cheapest but to outline all the requirements of the relocation. AND BE PROFESSIONAL The driver follows that example and his crew. To make the move as smooth and pleasant for the customer, and show that we care for his or her belongings as if they were our own.

We expect the same from our fellow agents out there to treat our customers as we would treat theirs. (But I still here them tell me of the accounts that give them 100 moves a year only to have 75% of them be 3 bids from 3rd parties. but that's another story)

I think the biggest point would be don't cry about it. sell the ones that will make money and keep the faith to go on too the next. So what if you lost it to a other mover. Know that the ones you do book are profitable. ( that dirty word again) Hope everybody has a good week, and go book something profitable.

John M. Brown
All Moving Services, Inc.

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