Date: January 5,1999
From: "Thomas Madden" <>
Re: AMS-Forum RE: Performance Reports
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Mark Stears Wrote:
I am the Sales Manager for a small moving company in NY. I have been confronted with that same question, "How can you show me that your company is a good safe mover". Then to the point, "PROVE IT". Well in light of all the bad publicity TV and other media has been putting out, big time in NY, I put together a publicity folder that I bring out to the prospective new clients. This folder contains references in the local area to include BBB, Chamber of Commerce, AMSA membership certificate, Household Tariff Specialist certificate, toll free number to the state DOT, articles printed in local and national publications on our business, and most importantly, copies of Performance Follow-up Reports that we send to ALL our customers. This is impresive to most new customers. Sales personnel, try it! It has worked for us throughout the past 2 years. E-mail me if you want and further info. Mark Stears Sales Manager Norman Bros. Moving & Storage Newburgh, NY

Thomas Madden Replied:
Here is a cogent, simple, and appearently effective method of targeting the customers 'objection?' to PROVE IT. The ease of assembling this data is self evident. The affordability of the idea has much to recommend it to all of us. Likewise, it seems to me that the documents mentioned puts no one down rather it holds the author up as ONE who has taken the time to put the customer at ease in using his services. After all, who else said anything like this during his/her presentation?

Congratulations, Mr. Stears. I would like once again to repeat my theme - I can't fix the industry, I can't fix the Van Line(s), so I better fix my own company - I'll probably notice the results here first anyway. Try adding some thank-you-letters recieved from past customers, I suggest that you secure their permission to use their name and phone number as a reference prior to having them decended on by curious prospects.

- Thomas Madden

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