Date: May 12, 1999
From: "Art Livermore" <>
Subject: AMS-Forum Accountability
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Bumping weights, whoever heard of such! Folks, gotta get my two cents worth in.

We use all sorts of excuses as to why we do something, i.e. drivers justify to themselves that the only way they can make a buck is load the shipment with tanks empty, fill them up before getting the heavy, Driver and helper on or off the scale, etc, etc etc. Sales, non-binding estimates because they're afraid they'll give away something or binding estimates so they can give away everything. Owners not paying their dues, i.e. not keeping equipment in good repair and not hiring or buying for quality, but for economy. GM's (oops that's me) afraid of everything.

It's as simple as this, if you can look in the mirror each day and say I gave it my best, I used integrity, honesty and good common sense to accomplish todays work and that today was better because of my contributions, then you can sleep well at night.

However, some are looking for the shortcut or the easy way out. Our business doesn't allow for easy, that's what I like about it. Doesn't mean that you shouldn't work smarter, not harder, but it does mean that the level of effort you put out should be equal to the collective desired results. I also believe as stated before in this forum, by much smarter folk than I, it really doesn't matter what or how you decide to price the shipment, it's what you put into it to arrive at that price. If you cut corners, slash away at requirements, basically give away the farm. You cannot and will not add any reason for a anyone to accept your contributions when it's evident that the level of effort doesn't match the level of commitment required to get the job done. That goes for anyone in the food chain, from Owner to Sales to Driver to Laborer.

Customers see it well before we do and they'll let us know real quick! Driver's will let you know when they quit showing up at your docks, because they expressed a desire not to visit your area for pickup or delivery. Laborers will let you know when you keep seeing new faces at your facility all the time. Owners will let you know when they can't afford to operate anymore and close their doors.

Accountability!!! It's the needed ingredient from everyone in an agency or organization. If we hold ourselves accountable for our performance and actions then we will go a long way in remedying most if not all our problems. No one can operate in a vacuum, it requires all to make it work and everyone needs to be accountable, because they do have an impact on the finished product. Talk to anyone that has had a good experience, i.e. owner did their job, gm did their job, sales did their job, ops did their job and workers did their job, it will always equal pleasant environment (didn't say easy) and a happy customer. A solid level of effort by everyone, because they accept their accountability, will always equal a valued result.

Let one person in the chain of events not be accountable for their part and you'll soon find out that the desired result may or may not be completed like it was intended. Sometimes, it gets done despite lack of effort or accountability by others, because someone takes up the slack, but that isn't the way it should happen.

Let's be Accountable!!! What they heck are they feeding us boys in Texas. Guess, I got it off the chest, so everyone have a great moving day.

Art Livermore
General Manager
Watson Van & Storage
110A East Old Settlers Way
Round Rock, TX 78664

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