Date: August 8, 1999
From: "EBIRCH" <>
Subject: AMS-Forum We can do better than this...

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Having only been here for a month or so I have come to realize that we are not achieving the promise that comes with having a professional forum available to exchange ideas. Personal attacks on individuals could ruin this opportunity to address issues important to many in the group. It is obvious and understandable that there are so many divergent views among such a a group. Within each discipline the views vary widely depending on such things as;

The reality of marketing a large agent in a large market is very far different from marketing a small market, so we must recognize that some responses to topics, while seeming unrealistic to some, may very well be correct from the viewpoint and experience of the writer.

What we seem to be missing is the absolute fact that we cannot do without each other. None of us do jobs that can be accomplished without others doing their jobs. Our objective here should include the breaking down of the walls that divide us. What I have observed is that walls are being built and reinforced instead of being torn down.

I recommend our esteemed talkmaster jump in more often to try to keep us moving in positive directions.

Ed Birch

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