Date: July 8, 1999
From: "Danny" <>
Subject: Yep!! Another Heart Attack!!!!
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Here we go again. When will we ever learn? Can't find DAs for SIT's, They are all full from Jersey to Florida. You know why? The warehouses are either full with APU's clogging up their space, or their labor is out busy collecting more APU's to bring in. OK! The guys (like my o/o fleet) that would be more than happy to haul some of this stuff out of there for their next trip lay idle, dormant and full (did I mention ANGRY). I have a willing and aggressive fleet of drivers who actually prefer to load direct (for a host of many reasons) idled by the very agents who need them to bail them out. Out of desperation, to free up our drivers again, we have resorted to taking in SIT up at our place in CT for all of the East coast destined shipments. That will only last so long though! Because as of this writing, we only have 20 empty available pallets left! And where will we put our APU's while waiting for our road driver's to come back?

Can I ask us all a question? Whose fault is this that we can't move tonnage in the winter because of lack of business, and we still can't move tonnage in the summer? But yet like some pathetic helpless babbling drug addict, I stay attached to this crummy industry. I've got to answer to an old lady in Florida spending their live savings on us to transport their goods in a timely manner, who now sleep in an empty apartment waiting for truck to deliver the yet unassigned load of apu'd goods still sitting on our floor in Connecticut. Mindless COD salespeople flood us with more of the 400 m 60% crap just to preserve their sales commissions. They will assign ridiculous delivery spreads consistent with the competing bidder who also lie to beat us out for the same piece of meat no one really needs any way. Like savages hungered from the long winter, they now try to hit a grandslam with Granny's move. Now the poor lady is passed on to us in operations who now are told the ugly truth. Still, refusing to believe in a duping, she don't believe us, the slick guy in the suit and tie with all the promises is not the one who lied, I am because we can't move her goods like that nice young man who visited her promised! What kind of move you think that end of June customer will really get with a 400 m @ 60% anyway? You can't even shop this turd of a package out it's that bad. The customer (Who gets a hell of a deal on paper) don't understand the reasons for their "unique" delay. Only we do, the ones who live it every day!

The bases (much like the accounts) flood us all with an overload of tonnage and yet will be the same ones with a deaf ear to our reasons for the blown RDD and quick to suspend the carrier for having a shipment still on the O. A.'s floor past the RDD. Those rules and regulations lived and died by don't mean too much when things are botched up this bad. If we all get suspended, will that word have the impact intended? And now I've got to find some magical way to get my trucks unloaded, so I can reload them back out!

The whole industry is having a heart attack right now! No blood moving in, no blood moving out. We must keep the patient alive well enough to be ready to be willing to deal with the doldrums of January and February! We all wonder why there is a driver shortage?

Smiling on the outside (crying on the inside)

dl442 (Danny)

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