Date: June 10, 1999
From: "Eric Scorzelli" <>
Subject: AMS-Forum Think Positive
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Well, I just ran through 75 postings, some biting, some funny, a few that said something positive. As a sales manager for Eastern Seaboard packaging I travel throughout 5 states and visit numerous moving companies...... most people will disagree with the tone of this board.....things are not grim for the industry, owners still prosper, workers still have pride in what they do, customers still appreciate the service they get. Of course there are some very bad apples out there, and they wear on our industry, they cause the consumer to question a movers skill, professionalism, trustworthyness, and ultimately the value of a movers service.

Which brings me to my point.

The strength of a company is in the professionalism by which they operate. In the states I travel through I have seen a resurgence of membership in State and Local Moving associations. A good association sets the criteria by which its members operate and in turn helps to create an elite ( and profitable) group of moving and storage companies. The stronger the commitment to that criteria by its members, the higher the bar gets raised. The higher the bar gets raised , things happen:

So called " market share" is divide by a smaller base of quality movers who eventually can get the worth of the service they offer.

If you do not currently participate in your state association you should consider it. Maybe its a " rose-colored glasses" look at things but it's June and I still keep seeing the same depressing posts.

Eric Scorzelli

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