Date: July 9, 1999
From: "Jim Chretien" <>
Subject: AMS-Forum Re: Heart Attack
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Most heart attacks result from people not taking responsibility for their own health. How is this crazy industry different?

I am a commission sales person with a focus on trade shows, tours and special events. While this is a niche segment of our business, there is hefty competition. We need to recognize two fundamental factors.

  1. First, our prospects and clients must recognize that they cannot negotiate price without negotiating service.
  2. Second, us sales folks tend
    assume that our prospect is more price sensitive than service sensitive. Talk to your customer after the move and you'll find differently. Carefully query them before to ask them if they want to fly coach, business or first class...options that your competitors will not offer.

Getting back to heart attack prevention, it is clearly the responsibility of the agency owner to establish maximum discount levels...and be consistent in enforcing that policy. The business I book with my agency has to be overall profitable. While my income today is booking commissions, I want to retire from a healthy company in 10 years with the retirement benefits in place.

These comments are easy for me to make because I'm not familiar with the first step in procurring household goods business. But here's a hint...diversify and focus on national accounts. Become a transportation company, not just a household goods carrier agency.

Jim Chretien
Whittier Transfer

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