Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999
From: "T.J. Carney" <>
Subject: Re: AMS-Forum What do you like about the moving business?

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David Y2K wrote:
> Until a few companies go out of business its going to be a tough industry.

David, It always was, and is likely to always be, a tough industry. That's what I like about it. One of the fortunate aspects of being born into a family trucking business established 4 generations ago is access to the oral history of this industry. I like this forum because it's a continuation of a family tradition; to discuss the business. It's a very interesting board when the discussion is about how organizations deal with the management problems associated with this business. But this forum can be very tedious when it serves as a place to post our daily state of bummer-dom.

Everything in this business is changing, and has always been changing. I come to work today and find it to be a different day from the one before. There is no need to stress about whether the changes and differences will be good or bad or irrelevant, because they will be. We're not in the ideal business: it's not as glamorous as professional sports, not as logical as engineering, not as difficult as surgery, not as boring as accounting, not as profitable as stock trading, not as hard-of- work as deep-shaft coal mining, not as risky as farming, not as dangerous as NYC cab driving, not as much status as the US Senate, not as honest as the ministry, and maybe not overall as useful as the Internet. But the business is interesting!

As long as there are people who are unwilling to move and transport their own personal belongings, there will be businesses like mine that make a decent go of it. There will also be enterprises that fail, for one reason or another, and other companies to take their place, for one reason or another. That's one thing that hasn't changed.

T.J. Carney

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