Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2000
Subject: Re: AMS-Forum Desperately In Need of O/O's in this forum
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Paul Lopez wrote:
>We have spoken in reference to owner-operators in the third person for too long. IMHO we need some more first hand conversations from those who live that life day in and day out.

Seriously speaking, I think you'd find the majority of o/o's working day and night 7 days a week to put on the table what it'd take the majority on this forum from 9 to 5 5 days a week to do. They don't have time to write emails to this forum. When I came off the road, the immediate downsize in my time demand, allowed for my participation. Successfully running requires 24 / 7 dedication.

To the special skills our small pool of collective drivers possess to do their jobs, the only way they know how to change things personally is by helplessly exiting the industry Their only collective voice is the one of driver shortage. This approach may be just their perception to the only solution, and yes it may be considered selfish to just simply bail out, but to all of us left in this industry, this has become our reality to cope with. We, as owners, salespeople, operations people have much more power to change things, than our drivers.

We all have agreed in this forum that recruiting new responsible drug free experienced interstate household drivers is not only costly, but damn near impossible. To just let the preexisting ones march out our collective doors one by one over the fence to the other (smarter) sectors of transportation and trucking is irresponsible on our part. The difference now is that drivers are not going from company to company as in the past, they are just plain old getting out.


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