Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000
From: "Bill Musser" <>
Subject: Re: AMS-Forum COD HHG's - I hope I'm wrong...
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It is awful hard to predict exactly what will happen in the future, however, the future does belong to those who see it coming. All we can do is raise up possible projections of the future and take our chances. At the same time we must monitor our plan and be ready to change it.

I agree 100% with the statement ours is not a tariff problem but an "us" problem. When anyone purchases something they make a purchasing decision based on the criteria they develop. For instance if you decide to buy a new car and your criteria is good mileage, cruise control, enough space to throw in a few cartons and a moon roof that is what you will seek. If three salespeople go into a shippers home and all three only talk about price, in the absence of education, price will become the customers purchasing criteria. Don't get me wrong, I know it is difficult to sell a $1000.00 difference. But you can sell a $300.00 difference. Or, if you make price concessions you may be able to get back something like date concessions.

I have participated in experiments about this subject and set in peoples homes while they received moving estimates. Of all of the salespeople I have observed, not one ever disucssed quality service or reviewed their beautiful brochures with the customer. These brochures, like United's Pre-planned moving guide, can really help a customer organize their move. That makes our job easier. But if we treat them like they are not important, so will the customer.

"What will happen to the COD market?" If the majors loose interest in it it will probably become the next avenue of growth for the Two men and a Trucks of the world. Just one more segment we have conceded that we cannot figure out how to handle profitably. But remember one thing about Accounts. It takes time to get your money. COD is great for cash flow. If every truck was loaded with 75% NA and 25% COD the COD would pay your variable expenses and when the check comes form the account its all yours.

Ya know, I think I have been in this business to long. The other day I walked into a seafood restaurant and the daily catch chalkboard had "BAKED COD" on it. My mind didn't see cod the fish, it saw C.O.D. and I just couldn't imagine eating a baked customer.

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