Date: April 17, 1999
Subject: AMS-Forum Shuttle

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In addition to salespeople shoving customer's heads into the sands like ostriches, By the time a shuttle is discovered as being a required service, it is much too late for that customer to select another moving company. The worst in an Operation's and Customer's nightmare unfolds: The shipper is helplessly railroaded down the doomed tracks of financial rape. They can only move if they pay for either the unnecessary or un-estimated unforeseen service (Why didn't the salesman who does this every day predict properly?)

(Why can't my driver get the truck into the driveway?). All shipper fears; dark, nasty, untrue have now become a reality ten times worse than just simply telling the shipper the truth during the original estimate. The move loss from accurately predicting a shuttle does not outweigh securing the move under false pretenses. Let me ask you all this? Now that credibility is tarnished, will the shipper's perception for rest of the move go well or will he chalk up the appearance of good things as a figment of their imagination since truth now will be lies and lies (has already and) are presented as truth. The damage is reversible. There is no customer glow. The one thing about the experience that will be remembered 50 years from now as the shipper is rocking in an old age home chair will be that ugly un-estimated "shuttle."

The salesman skates by unscathed. Immense by far to suffer is the Driver (he's the son-of-a-bitch facing them), Second is Operations (anything said truth or fiction on the phone has no credibility). Third, the Owner (repercussions will be there is many intangible ways down the road after the move is over). In fact the salesman will make more money off of the shuttle. 5% of the service is handed right to them as some sort of an additional macabre reward. Of course they all play the game well (everyone salesperson I've met). In the office kangaroo court held the next day with the Driver, Ops and the Owner, he or she will plead guilty, beg forgiveness in their best Oscar stellar performance to the people he affected the most (as inside he says to himself; "I brought business to you, and you complain?") And by the self-centered design we, not they place them in, they will go out and do it all over again underestimating to preserve their hope to be commission check.

Wow, I need a diet coke.

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