Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000
From: "TJ Carney" <>
Subject: RE: AMS-Forum Competition
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Patrick Griffin, Gentle Giant wrote:
"... all the industry attempts to raise more revenue by tinkering with the tariff have completely failed."

Patrick, I love the name of your company! Are we movers resigned to be considered the twenty-first century beasts of burden? Is there something to gain from this business besides a muscle in our arms? In addition to our every day cargos, we carry around a lot of industry baggage that none of our customers are willing to pay for. Let's lighten our load.

Some of us have been in this business a long time, for generations even. We know what it takes to pack, load, haul and unload a shipment. It seems to me that the problem might not be how we get to the price we need to make a buck and create the service a customer needs and wants, but how we perceive competition. Traditional business thinking is based on head to head competition between movers with bottom lines determining the winners and losers. We're trying to knock our business rivals out by winning the deals. Some of us are winning deals all right, but we end up keeping prices down in the process. The market should be happy with this right? Well, the market is not necessarily happy with the service choices: loading and delivery spreads, complex pricing and invoicing, poor quality labor on the moving vans, etc. This seems like an unreconcilable situation.

What would happen if we all wished success on one another? Maybe our businesses will be more successful if other businesses succeed as well. Figure out how we can be more cooperative, how we can build mutually beneficial relationships, how we can create opportunities and adapt to changes in the economy, and let go of the concept of competition as we know it.

T. Carney

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