Date: April 17, 1999
Subject: AMS-Forum Drivers and discounted shipments
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In regard to correlation between good drivers and low discounted shipments.

Good dispatchers as well as the good drivers are very much in tune with discount rates and linehauls. A dispatcher should put the driver into the know linehauls, weights, guarantees, and finally discount rates. Most good drivers beat you to the punch and will ask you ahead before excercising their right to refusal. (Every dispatcher and driver should clearly understand that drivers do have this right BEFORE acceptance, NOT AFTER). I even have a couple neurotic nilly willy's that confer with the salesman before acceptance. (I was one. When you keep getting bit in the ass, you tend to cover it a little bit better) The chump driver (hauling a cut rate military.

from Pendleton to PA should've known better to either ask the linehaul, weight with the discount rate BEFORE acceptance or confront the omitting dispatcher with the misinformed linehaul and discount. Driver's and dispatcher's relationship should be more honest than that of a dispatcher who takes licensee to dupe drivers with purposeful misinformation to dupe him into hauling tonnage. To a good driver this would happen only once to kindly reward that dispatcher with a set empty trailer back to his yard. (If he or she is a good driver it will be empty)

Before a few of you soap boxers jump up to the stage preaching that I don't know what I'm talking about, I've dealt with both sides of the telephone in (trying to) convert tonnage to assigned loads. (And I have the backside scars to show you.)

Maybe (sales?) men like David the ky-2-mover should spend some time in a cab of a truck with an o/o or at a desk with Ops instead of his Honda Accord and to see the true damage of a poor booking. If a personal excuse is ignorance to all of this, then it is all our fault for allowing it to go unchecked.

still waiting for the ax

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