How the pros pack mirrors, pictures & glass tops for moving

Packing mirrors and pictures

Packing a mirror, painting, framed picture, or tabletop made of glass or marble is often done using a "mirror carton." We prefer the four-piece carton (shown here) over the two-piece "telescoping" mirror carton. We also use "mirror rails," which are cardboard inserts that strengthen the carton and secure the contents. Assembling both is shown here. However, before using a mirror carton, ask yourself:
"Will this item (e.g., small picture or table top) fit in a Dish Pack carton?" Flat items that 18" or less wide fit well in Dish Packs. For larger flat items, mirror cartons work better. Mirror cartons come in a standard size (shown here) that accommodates most mirrors and pictures; and a large size for mirrors or pictures that are larger than 30 x 40 inches. Very heavy marble, glass pieces, or valuable works of art should be crated in wood. Packing pictures, mirrors, and similar items usually involves first wrapping the item in paper.
Here a full size paper pad is used to wrap the picture...

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