What is the mover's high value inventory form?

Movers high value inventory

The moving company's High Value Inventory form is used to identify and account for articles which have extraordinary value. These articles are considered to be a "high value items."  The High Value Inventory Form is used to identify such high value items so that they can be properly accounted for at origin, and noted at delivery as having been received in good condition.

It is important to understand that, if you have items in your shipment which qualify as high value items, you will not be adequately covered in the event of a claim if you do not enter these items on the mover's High Value Inventory Form. Furthermore, remember that in the event of a loss or damage claim for these items you would still be required to document any amounts you have claimed, as the high value inventory form does not constitute proof of the value of an item. If you do not have proof of value for your high-value items then it is recommended that you obtain an appraisal prior to moving such articles. These appraisals can also be important for maintaining proper proof of value for homeowners or renters insurance policies. In addition, you should understand that simply listing your high-value items on the high value inventory form does not constitute coverage for the items; you must also purchase full replacement value valuation coverage from your mover.

What Qualifies as a High Value Item?
Some movers classify a high-value item as any article over $1,000 in value, whereas other movers may classify any article with a value of more than $100.00 per pound as a high-value item. It is best that you check with your moving company to determine exactly how they define a "high-value item" and also verify the exact procedure they use to inventory these items.

Examples of Typical High Value Items
Common items which may have extraordinary value include works of art, crystal, china, antiques, paintings, sterling silver, figurines, high-end bicycles, precious metals, semi-precious stones or gems, oriental rugs, furs, rare collectible items, computer software programs or rare documents. Other articles which may not immediately come to mind as having high-value might also include shoes, purses, suits, dresses, gowns or other types of formal wear. For example, a Coach purse which you paid $500 for would be considered a high value item, as would a Gucci suit which cost $1500.

Using The Mover's High Value Inventory Form
If your shipment contains articles which quality as high-value then they must be listed on the mover's "High Value Inventory Form" prior to packing and/or loading day. In the absence of a completed High Value Inventory Form, the mover's liability may be limited to much less than the true value of the articles in question. Do you have a Barbie collection? A Hummel collection? Lladros, Precious Moments or a collection of antiques that have been in your family for years? You can simply group these collections together on the High Value Inventory Form and list them as 20 Hummels, 75 Barbies, etc.

Once again, please remember that while the High Value Inventory Form is a listing of those items you believe are qualified as high value, it does not serve as proof of the value of an item; in the event of a loss or damage claim, you would still be required to document any amounts claimed.

The Purpose of the High Value Inventory Form
Your mover uses the High Value Inventory Form to verify that your high value items items are properly packed and accounted for when loading at origin and upon delivery at destination. If your mover isn't satisfied that a particular item is properly packed, they may refuse to move the item, or they may ask that it be properly repacked.

The High Value Inventory Form is completed and signed by both the customer and the mover before the items are moved, and then they are rechecked upon arrival, after which you and the mover sign the sheet again indicating that the goods were moved without damage.

The purpose of filling out this inventory sheet is to provide the movers with a detailed list of all valuable goods to ensure that they arrive safely at your new home.

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