Tipping the movers & packers

If a company is paying a relocation company to move an employee--should the employee tip the people or is that also included in the price from the relocation company?

The price of a tip is never, ever, included in the price that the relocation company charges a company for a move.

If you want your movers to receive a tip as a reward for good service then you will need to tip the movers yourself. In addition, tips are generally paid in cash and a good rule of thumb for tipping movers is a minimum of $50.00 per packer and/or loader and a minimum of $50.00 for the driver/foreman.

If you believe that the movers have done an extraordinary job then you may want to tip them more than these amounts. Generally, the largest tip a mover ever receives is $100.00 per person.

Also, please be certain to read the article: Tipping Movers & How To Tip Your Mover

I hope this helps. Thank you for your question, and good luck with your upcoming move!


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