What is a "Certificate of Insurance" for my moving company?

The property I am moving into requires that my mover supply a "Certificate of Insurance". Is this insurance in case my belongings are damaged or is this something else? Please tell me what a "Certificate of Insurance" is.

- Larry

Thanks for your good question Larry.

A "Certificate of Insurance" (aka a "COI") is not insurance which covers loss or damage to the belongings which you are having your moving company move to your new residence. Rather,  a Certificate of Insurance (also referred to as "proof of insurance") is often requested by property managers or property owners when liability and large losses are a concern and the manager or owner requires confirmation that certain liabilities (such as general liability, automotive liability and/or workers compensation insurance) is carried by the company who will be doing work on the property in question.

In other words, property manager/property owner wants to make certain that if their property is damaged (or if any of the certificate holder's workmen are injured on the property) that the company performing the work had adequate covers for such events.

To determine if a Certificate of Insurance is required simply contact your building's property manager and ask "does my mover need to submit a Certificate of Insurance to you for my move?" If the manager says yes then simply have the property manager email (or fax) a "sample" certificate of insurance to your mover which will allow the mover's insurance company to properly name the "Certificate Holder" and any "Additional Insured" parties on the face of the Certificate of Insurance which the mover send back to the property manager.

Thanks again for your great question Larry...and good luck with your move!

Long Island Moving Companies

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