How to pack antique wood furniture for storage?

When packing antique (or newer) wooden furniture for a move and long term storage (1 year?) how do I best protect it from being marred and scared during the move? Also, if plastic bubble wrap is used on it for the actual move, should it be removed from the wood furniture while it is in storage? Will it damage the wood if left on?

Wood furniture which is stored for long-term storage should be pad-wrapped with mover's "blankets" (aka "quilts" or "pads"). Below is a picture of a move "pad-wrapping" a floor lamp. These pads are approximately 7-feet by 7-feet and they have a cotton outer shell with a poly filler. Alternatively, if your doing a DIY move, you could utilize paper pads. I've also included a picture of a paper padded chair below. You can purchase paper pads such as this at

Pad-wrapping 1
Using a typical moving pad or quilt


Pad-wrapping 2
Using paper pads as an alternative


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