Office move - should we empty file cabinet drawers?

We will be moving our offices soon and we are not certain what to do about our file cabinet drawers. The full file cabinets are heavy and the office mover may not be able to move them full. Should be empty our file cabinets? What do you recommend we do for our office move? P.S.: Nice website!

Thank you for your kind words and here is an answer to your question...

Standard-Vertical (narrow type) file cabinets: Standard-vertical (narrow type) file cabinets will be moved with their contents intact. Securely tighten the file holder in the back of each drawer to prevent the contents from slipping.

Lateral-Horizontal (wide type) file cabinets: Due to their light construction (and tremendous weight when full) lateral-horizontal (wide type) file cabinets must be emptied with the contents packed into cartons. Failure to do so may result in damage to the cabinet, your facility, or injury to a mover or one of your employees.

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Lee Most (not verified)

Thu, 06/09/2016 - 22:22

I am a locksmith and have often had to deal with jammed file cabinet mechanisms after they were moved. People always assume these cabinets are only used for files, but they are also used for stationery supplies, refills for the coffee room, and personal items, any of which can fall out of the drawers to get jammed in the locking mechanism when the cabinets are moved around. I say ALWAYS empty all file cabinets before moving.

Besides, for safety the cabinets should be bolted to the wall behind them and to other cabinets next to them after they arrive in their final positions and before they are filled to prevent tip-overs. That can only be done with the drawers removed, and I think it's unfair to ask a workman to lift out 100-pound drawers when he was only hired to screw in some bolts and nuts, or install lag bolts into studs.

Guest (not verified)

Wed, 06/14/2017 - 02:11

We have had several file cabinets damaged by people trying to move them when they were full. They were too heavy and the sheet metal deformed. The handles broke loose from the bolts because people tried to lift and pull the cabinets by the handles. The face of the drawer would have to be taken apart to refasten those bolts, so that would never be done. The file holders broke loose for the same reason. When the cabinet swung loose from the movers' arms or inside the truck, the weight caused a large impact, causing a large dent in the metal. Yes, you should empty file cabinets before moving them!

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