How much advance move-date notice do I need to give my mover?

Can you tell me how much advance notice do I need to give my mover so that I can be certain to get the move date that I need?

Thank you for your question. All movers have a finite number of trucks and movers available to schedule moving jobs; they can only handle a limited number of jobs each day. Therefore, your mover's schedule is subject to schedule availability.

Generally, if you provide your mover with two (2) weeks notice you should get the move dates that you need ( this is a general rule-of-thumb and is not a guarantee). However, your mover fills his schedule on a first-come first-server basis and the more notice you give your mover , the better the chance that you will be able to get the move date that you want.

In addition, please note that June, July and August are the busiest days of the year in the moving business, and the last week of each of these months are the busiest weeks of the year. Furthermore, the last days of each of these months are the busiest days of the year. These months are called "the summer moving season" in America and it is busy during this period because everyone wants to move after their children get out of school in June (and before their kid's new school starts in September). If you are moving in June, July or August please provide your mover with as much notice as is possible.

I should also note that "the best you can do is the best you can do," and you can only provide your mover with as much notice as you receive. Often, you will not receive two weeks advance notice of your closing date. Therefore, please let your mover know your move date as soon as you know it.

Thanks for your great question which is certain to help many folks understand the issues surrounding move dates and moving date schedule availability.


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