How do we pack real long stuff into boxes?

Hi. How do I pack really really long things into boxes? I can't seem to find boxes which are long enough for some of our very long stuff. Thanks. - Tim & Maria

Hello Tim and Maria! Thank you for visiting our website and thank you for your most excellent question! Packing really really long items is really really easy.

Professional movers have a method for solving such a problem and we call the solution a "high-hat carton" or a "double stacked carton." A "high-hat" carton is a very simple technique for creating extra tall (or extra wide) boxes which can accommodate tall sorts of all or wide items. In a nutshell, simply assemble the bottom of a box just like you normally would (and leave the top of the box open). Next step: fill the box up with the extra tall (or extra wide) stuff you need to pack. Next step: take a box of the same exact size and make the second box up -- however -- this time instead of closing the bottom of the box leave the box bottom open and close/seal the top. Now slide the 2nd box over the 1st box with holds the stuff you are packing. "Telescope" the 2nd box up or down until you have create the exact size box you need. Last step: tape the boxes together. You will end up with a sturdy extra tall box which is flat on the top and ready to be loaded into the moving truck. An example of constructing a double stacked carton (also called "High-Hat" carton) is shown below.

The method for creating a "hi-hat" double stacked cartons is also outlines in our How to pack odd items for your move article.

Mover Hi-Hat Carton Box
An example of a mover's "Hi-Hat Box" packing technique


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