I am missing some boxes! Help!

I am missing some boxes that the movers failed to deliver! What can I do to have the missing items returned to me?

- Fred G.

Fred, it is possible that we misplaced some of your boxes and if this is what has happened we apologize. We will search our trucks and our warehouse for your missing boxes and contact you immediately if we find them.

However, the methods which professional movers employ make it unlikely that we have misplaced boxes. We actually hear this often and more often than not -- after a customer contacts us to advise that boxes are missing -- we get a 2nd call in a few hours, days, or weeks later advising us that the missing items have been located.

Most customers don't want to hear this Fred...they are absolutely certain that boxes are missing and that they have checked everywhere. However, customers need to unpack all of their boxes before they can accurately report that there are missing items. We mean UNPACK ALL OF THE BOXES...even the boxes that you have not unpacked because you are absolutely certain that you know what is inside them. "Unpacking" means opening the ALL of the boxes and emptying out all of the contents of each box. In addition, you should tolook in all of the nooks and crannies throughout your new home for articles which you may not have yet seen hidden away.

For interstate moves (moves from one state to another) -- and for moves into and out of storage -- professional movers put a numbered sticker on all of the articles being moved. The mover then creates a Household Goods Descriptive Inventory which lists all of the articles which are being moved. When the shipment is delivered to your new home you were asked to sign the Household Goods Descriptive Inventory once again. Any items which have been lost or damaged while your shipment was in the mover's care must be noted on the inventory at this time. And if you fail to note missing or damaged articles your claim may be denied.

We encourage you to make a second attempt to unpack all of your boxes and containers which will hopefully result in your finding all of the items which are presently missing.

Thank you for your question Fred. This is a problem which may folks who are moving encounter and your question may help many folks find a solution to their dilemma.

Missing moving company boxes

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