What is the summer moving season and why is it so busy for movers during the summer?

Would you please explain what the summer moving season is and why is it so busy for movers during the summer months?

Customers often ask me why the "Summer Moving Season" it so busy for movers and the answer is rather simple. This is simply because all of the schools in America recess for the summer, and the children all get out of school at the end of June. As a result, parents want to complete their relocation to their new home before their children enter the new school year, because moving often means a change of school districts. In addition, month-end is usually the busiest time of every month because the folks who lease and rent need to move out by the last day of the month.

Therefore, the busiest month of the year is June, the busiest week of the year is the last week of the June and the busiest days of the year are the last few days of June. June is followed by July, and then August, and then -- to a lesser extent -- September.

It is generally recognized that the summer moving season ends on or about September 15.

If you have any control over when you move (which you may not), then try to move in the middle of each summer month because there is a slight dip in volume around June 15th, July 15th and August 15th.

That's what I know and thank you for your question!


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