Professionalism and integrity are the key to selecting a quality mover

Michael Maffucci
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Individuals and families that have lived in our communities for 20 and 30 years deserve the best moving services available.

Moving is a traumatic experience, as it is often triggered by changes in peoples lives that may not be so pleasant. Good or bad, these changes cause a certain amount of anxiety.

Unfortunately, people moving on their own (not as part of a corporate transfer) are usually least experienced selecting a mover. They are most vulnerable and often times at the mercy of some very unqualified movers.

Corporate transfers have an advantage over individuals and families as many corporations have long term relationships with movers. Movers must perform for the corporations as they would not want to jeopardize their relationship and future business. Individuals can be viewed by some movers as one time customers. Hit and run operators and substandard performers thrive on servicing people that don't move often.

Fortunately there are some very high quality firms that dedicate their service to individuals and families who are moving. The key to identifying these firms is no different than your selection of a doctor, a lawyer or a dentist. The only difference is you get just one chance to select the right mover.

Presumably, if your first selection of a doctor, lawyer or dentist does not give you a sense of security, you can make another selection. Nonetheless, the pain associated with the improper selection of any professional can be severe.

Many moving businesses run high quality firms, act with ethics and integrity and strive for professionalism. These people and their firms are truly special and deserve all the rewards running a successful business brings.

Consumers owe it to themselves to seek these firms out among large ads, franchise names and high pressure marketing techniques. When selected, the high quality firm offers personalized service employing truly qualified professionals for all aspects of service.

When selecting a mover to entrust your belongings, consider the qualifications of the owner of the firm you might engage. If the owner is a professional, it is likely that he/she will hire professionals and motivate his or her entire staff to maintain a professional approach towards servicing clients.

Professional firms require employees to wear uniforms. Their equipment is freshly painted and maintained. Facilities are neat, clean and organized. If an owner takes pride in his men, facility and equipment, he will strive to provide his customers with the best service possible. Professional firms consistently give customers more service for the dollar then hit and run operators. Hit and run operators typically quote customers unrealistic prices and deliver less than professional service.

Ethics and integrity are an invaluable part of any industry. All industries seem to have participants that subscribe to the value of ethics and integrity, as well as participants that do not.

To earn a living from as industry without acting with ethics and integrity is parasitic. Parasitic firms serve to pull the standards of the industry down and make it more difficult for firms to act ethically and successfully.

Firms that only hire from the competition bring no new approaches to the industry. They do not contribute to the dwindling staff of professional drivers, salespeople, dispatchers, etc.

Firms that hire substandard drivers and helpers and provide poor service earn a living because of the good reputation other members of the industry have established. These firms do not contribute to the industries reputation. They make it harder for reputable firms to overcome customer fears.

The best moving companies quote customers honestly. They deliver quality services at reasonable prices, consistently to all customers. They do a significant portion of their work from referrals. Employees are recruited and trained from sources outside the industry. Professionals from these firms participate and contribute to industry associations. These firms are sure to be successful in the long run. Consumers who seek out and patronize quality firms will be rewarded with a positive moving experience.

In conclusion, when selecting a mover it is worthwhile to do a little homework. Ask people that have had a good experience moving for a referral and some suggestions.

Obtain a list of qualified movers from the trade association for movers in your area. Visit the facility and meet the office staff and owner of any firm you are seriously considering for your move. Don't be fooled by large ads with hidden addresses.

Insist on a written estimate prepared after an in home survey of your belongings.

Finally, use good judgment and common sense. If someone doesn't appear to represent a quality, ethical professional firm, you should not consider moving with that person. If a price quoted seems too good to be true. It probably is not true.

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