Why do some movers think they should be tipped over $100 per man

We have had several moving companies over the years and each one seems to be getting worse. When you ask rates the company provides it and then tells you about tipping and says this is what the guys usually get but they leave it up to you. That is not true. We had furniture held hostage till the whole crew got about $150 each and there were four men three of which did not speak english. My friend had to go out and get more money or risk them not unloading everything left on the truck.

Then allied van lines broke many items in the haul from Levittown, Pa. to South Carolina and even broke an item while they were in my house and never said one word . i paid each guy about $75 each or more and provided drinks, like soda etc and then the truck was unloaded in South carolina and the movers there wanted to be paid. What the heck is going on in the moving world?

You would have to provide us with much more detail before we would be able to comment on your specific situation -- however -- it sounds to us like the company you used employed sub-standard workmen to perform your move. In fact, based on what you have reported, this is obvious. Because labor is one of a moving company's largest costs, the utilization of substandard labor can be an effective method to reduce overhead and increase profitability. Unfortunately, the result is all too often suffering by the. In addition, American consumers have grown accustomed to exceptional quality control which is exercised by companies such as McDonalds where the Big Mac purchased at Location A is identical to the Big Mac purchased at Location B. Unfortunately, such quality control is not as common in the moving industry and it is my belief that such exceptional quality control is not exercised by the big name brand moving companies. You can learn more about this issue by reading the article:

You asked "what the heck is going on in the moving world?" Well, in my opinion, what is happening is that some movers have made poor decisions about how to manage their profitability while at the same time (the formerly significant) governmental moving industry regulation enforcement efforts have fallen to an all-time low.

The result is that consumers need to be more vigilant then ever when choosing a mover...even if that mover has a well-known brand name.

You may also be helped by our article: Tipping movers - how to tip your mover

Thank you again for your question. smiley

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