When is the best time of the year to move?

I am moving my home sometime in the summer. Can you tell me if there is a "best time" to move? Any information will be most appreciated. Thank you. - Anne

Thank you for your question Anne. Your moving date will be driven by your real estate closing date(s).  Generally, we have found that sellers must vacate bthe property they are selling as soon as closing day...or as late as 5-days after closing. Please contact your real estate attorney for definitive information as to when you must vacate your property after closing. This said, historically summer is the busy moving season because everyone wants to move while their children are out of school. The moving industry refers to the summer moving season as "Peak Season" which is loosely defined as June 1st through September 5th. However, June, July, and August are the busiest Peak Season months and there are specific weeks during these months that are the very busiest, as listed below...

  • May 1 to May 22
  • June 8 to June 23
  • July 8 to July 24
  • August 5 to August 21

Therefore, if you find that you have any control over your move date try to stay away from the dates listed above because your mover will have less labor and truck resources available to devote to your move during these busiest month-end and month-start period.

I hope this answers your question Anne. Good luck with your move!

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