What is the United Van Lines or Mayflower "Weight Allowance Credit"

I've gotten a number of estimates including one from United Van Lines and one from Mayflower. On each of these estimates there something called a "Weight Allowance Credit" which I'm not too sure I understand. Do you know anything about the United Van Lines or Mayflower's Weight Allowance Credit?

Hello and thank you for your question.

United Van Lines and Mayflower are operated by the same parent company which is named "Unigroup." Unigroup calls their United Van Lines pricing program "Straight Talk Price Assurance" and the Mayflower calls the same pricing program "On Point Price Certainty."

Both of these pricing programs appears to essentially work the same way, in-so-much as both pricing products appear to be Guaranteed Not-To-Exceed binding estimates (you can read more about how guaranteed not-to-exceed binding estimates work by clicking here).

In addition, each of these pricing products state that, if your shipment weighs less than estimated, then United Van Lines (or Mayflower) will refund you a portion of what you paid. The down-side of this proposition is that you are refunded only a portion of what you have paid, not the full amount of what you have paid and I have witnessed that this "portion" is sometimes as low as 31% of what you have paid.

Here's an example of how it works: You are charged $5,000.00 for moving 10,000 pounds. This equates to a charge of approximately $50.00 per 100 pounds. However, the specified "Weight Allowance Credit" for your move is $25.00 per 100 pounds. Therefore, in this example, you are getting a refund of only 50% of what you have paid your mover and your mover is keeping 50% for moving stuff which they did not move.

Although United Van Lines and Mayflower can be good moving companies, this pricing program they have devised is not very customer friendly unless you don't mind paying someone for something they did not do.

Other movers, such as Atlas Van Lines, will refund you 100% of what you paid which is much more agreeable in my opinion.

Thank you for posting your question...it is much appreciated. Smiley

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