Trouble comparing moving cost estimates

Hi. I received a moving cost estimate from your company along with estimates from several other movers. The trouble I'm having is comparing the different estimates which are very different in cost. I want to make sure I make accurate comparisons, but it is difficult. Can you make a suggestion that may help me? Thanks.

Thank you...this is a very good question. Undoubtedly, comparing different estimates from different movers can be a challenge and we recently wrote an article about this issue which is titled...

...and here is a short except from the article...

Quote: how does a customer make an apples-to-apples cost comparison? That's easy. Simply thank each mover for their cost estimate and then ask each mover to provide a cost estimate for the same weight and services! For example, in the above scenario, ask each mover to provide a cost estimate based upon 12,000 pounds…or ask each move for multiple estimates… one for 8,000 pounds, one for 10,000 pounds, one for 12,000 pounds. The mover should be happy to accommodate this reasonable request...if they want your business...

It certainly pays to make an "apples-to-apples" comparison and the article listed above should be just what you need.

Thanks for your great question!

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