Should my move be charged hourly or on weight?

I can't seem to find the answer to my question anywhere. I've even called the FMCSA. I am moving from NH to Mass. It's only about a 30 mile move and travel will not be required on any major highways. One mover (Paul Arpin) gave me an estimate based on an hourly fee. Mayflower's estimate was based on weight. Mayflower told me that the quote based on worked hours was illegal because regulations require that I be charged by weight when going from one state to another. I called PA back and asked about their quote. I was told that Mayflower was trying to charge me more for the move by charging by weight (which their quote is about twice as much as PA's quote.) I was also told that PA's quote is perfectly legal because they will not be on any major highways and that this is considered a local move even though 2 states are involved. So HELP! Which is it? I don't want to do anything illegal and I definitely don't want to get scammed. Thanks for your time.

Hello. The common thread is that yours is an interstate move across state lines and -- as such -- the FMCSA rules and regulations that govern such moves should be applied. In my opinion, your move should be rated on a weight basis. However, weight basis moves are generally more expensive than hourly basis moves, so some movers (and customers) ignore the rules to make the move less expensive and/or to save money. Although such conduct is illegal, the moving police are not going to come to your home and arrest you, in fact there are no moving police which is a part of the problem. There are other issues at play such as the fact that the major carriers (Mayflower, Paul Arpin, Atlas, Allied, United, etc.) do not perform "local" (hourly) moves. You might ask who then will be performing your hourly move if Arpin is not (but "Arpin" gave me the hourly moving estimate). To find the answer, look for "the little name" on the business card: this company is an Arpin "agent" who represents Arpin for interstate moves and who operates as a separate and distinct company for local (hourly) moves. Therefore, if this company performed your move for you, and you had a problem that they would not solve for you, and you called Paul Arpin headquarters to complain, Arpin headquarters would (1) advise you that "Paul Arpin" did not perform your move, would advise you that (2) the "little name" on the business card performed your move instead, and (3) that as a result  Paul Arpin headquarters could not help you. Moving as weight basis under the umbrella of a national brand name (like "Mayflower") provides you will assistance and support if something goes wrong with your move. It's a bit complicated, but I hope this helps. As for the "major highways" statement: in my 32 years in the moving business I have never heard any excuse or justification that is as ridiculous. This statement is nonsense.

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