How should I pack my computer & flat screen TV?

Hi. Thanks for this place. I will be moving soon and I've got most of my packing done with the exception of my flat screen television and my computer and printer which I am very worried about. Can you make any recommendations on how I should pack these articles? - Jeff

Articles such as a flat screen TV and a computer (or printer) are best packed in the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) cartons, if such cartons are available.

Unfortunately, such OEM cartons are often not available in which case these articles should be packed into strong cardboard boxes...preferably a carton constructed of "double-wall" corrugated (which will be much much stronger than a box constructed of single-wall cardboard). You can learn about the difference between double and single wall corrugated by visiting this link…

After you have obtained the correct boxes for your packing job perform the following steps…

  1. Do a good job sealing the bottom of the boxes you have chosen with packing do not want to do a good job packing only to have the bottom break open during transport!
  2. Line the bottom of each box with a thick cushioning layer of bubble-wrap
  3. Remove the ink or laser toner cartridges from your printer and dispose of the cartridge (it's a very messy affair if toner or inj spills inside the box!)
  4. Next wrap each of the items you need to pack with bubble-wrap taping the bubble-wrap in place.
  5. Then place each article into the box you have obtained standing upright (as the item would sit when it is in use)
  6. Now, stuff lots of bubble-wrap in all of the spaces around each article filling all of the empty space around the article (remember this packing rule: "if it doesn't move it doesn't break!").
  7. Be certain to leave several inches of space between the top of the item being packed and the top of the box in which it sits because you will need to place several cushioning layers of bubble-wrap between the top of the article and the top of the box
  8. Next, seal the top of the box well and mark the box well: "This side Up!", "Fragile!". And "Load On Top!"

And that should do it for you Jeff. If you've done a good job your computer, printer, and flat screen TV should arrive in the same condition as when you began packing it!

Good luck! Smiley

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