How long will take to complete my move?

Posted: 2/18/15 at 12:32pm | IP Logged Quote Jennifer I am moving from one home on Long Island to a new home which is which is only approximately 15 miles away. I am packing all of the boxes and I need the mover to only move everything. I have had three movers come to my home and provide me with three estimates, which are as follows...

  • Mover #1: 11,000 pounds / 1 truck + 4 men for 9 hours + 1 hour of travel time
  • Mover #2: 12,000 pounds / 1 truck + 4 men for 10 hours + 1 hour of travel time
  • Mover #3: 13,000 pounds / 2 trucks + 5 men for 9.5 hours + 1 hour of travel time

Are you able to help me make sense of these estimates? How long do you think my move should take?

Thank you.

This is a very good question and thanks for taking the time to ask it!

I have always argued that only an estimating  fool would add a single pound to a cost estimate – however – it is many a villain who is tempted to subtract weight from the estimate. The villains do this to make it seem like the move is going to cost the customer less than it actually will when all is said, done, loaded and delivered. Therefore, I believe the highest weight estimate you have received (13,000 pounds) is probably to most accurate.

The hourly moving estimating chart we use at Avatar Relocation indicates that 13,000 pounds calls for 2 straight trucks and 5 men and that the job will take approximately 11 hours to complete, provided the job origin and destination locations are no more that one-half hour away from each other.

If you're moving here on Long Island you should check your mover out by looking at each moving company's Better Business Bureau complaint record and each mover's Google Reviews. In addition, your mover must be licensed by New York State to legally perform moves inside New York. You make also find additional resources for finding a quality mover by visiting our Moving Tips & Guides.

Thank you very much for your question! Smiley

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