Can you recommend a car carrier company for shipping one of our cars?

Do you know of any dependable companies for shipping one of our cars? I was hoping that you might have some suggestions for a good service. It is difficult to tell who might be dependable from a Google search. All of the sites seem to be brokers that then generate a lot of quotes with random trucking services, but all of the reviews I have read for all of the services are abysmal.

Customers often ask us "do you move cars," and the answer is yes...we most definitely do move cars. However, moving companies move cars inside their enclosed trailers, which means that they can only get two cars on each trailer. Alternatively, specialized car carrier companies are equipped with trailers which are able to move nine (or more!) cars on each trailer. Therefore it's a simple matter of economics that, if you give your car to a moving company, you are going to pay a whole lot more to move the vehicle than a specialized car carrier company would charge. As a result, we recommend that you find a reputable car carrier company for the most economical method to move your vehicles.

This said, neither we cannot recommend a car carrier companies for the simple reason that should you experience problems with a car carrier you select we won’t have any sway to help you.

I agree with your opinion of brokers whose services are often problematic. In fact, we wrote an article regarding internet household moving brokers which you can find here...

Good luck and thanks again for your great question! smiley

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