Atlas household goods interstate loss or damage liability valuation options

Moving Loss Damage Liability

The Order For Service you will sign with Atlas provides two options for placing a value on your shipment. The value that you select sets the limit of Atlas’ maximum liability for loss or damage to your goods. These optional levels of liability are not insurance agreements that are governed by state insurance laws, but instead are authorized under Released Rates Orders of the Surface Transportation Board of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Before you sign the Order For Service with Atlas, you must decide how much your articles are worth and declare a value for your shipment.

  • Option 1 — Full Value Protection is the most comprehensive plan available for protection of your goods. When you select this option, articles that are lost, damaged or destroyed will, at Atlas’ option, be either repaired, replaced with articles of like kind and quality, or a cash settlement will be made for the repairs or for replacement of the articles at their current value, regardless of the age of the lost or damaged articles.

Under this option, you have two choices for establishing Atlas’
maximum liability on your shipment:

1. You can declare a value based on the weight of your shipment, multiplied by an amount of not less than $6.00 per pound,
2. You can declare a higher lump sum amount (for example, $30,000).

The cost for option 1 is shown on the Full Value Protection Options (below). The value you declare on your shipment must be at least equal to the weight of your shipment multiplied by $6.00 per pound, subject to a minimum declaration of $10,000. For example, if your shipment weighs 4,500 pounds, the minimum value that you must declare is $27,000* (4,500 pounds multiplied by $6.00 per pound). You can also choose a higher lump sum amount based on your estimate of what it would cost to replace all of your shipment.

  • Option 2 — Minimal Protection - 60 Cents Per Pound Per Article is the most economical option available. This level of protection is provided at no additional cost; however, it only provides minimal protection. Under this option, Atlas assumes liability for no more than 60 cents per pound per article for loss or damage. This means that claims are settled based on the weight of the individual article(s) multiplied by 60 cents. For example, if a 10 pound stereo component valued at $1,000 were lost or destroyed, Atlas would be liable for no more than $6.00 (10 pounds multiplied by 60 cents).

Obviously, you should think carefully before agreeing to such an arrangement. This value option is considerably less than the typical value of household goods. There is no additional cost for this minimal protection and you must make a specific statement on the Order For Service agreeing to it.


  1. Atlas is permitted to make annual adjustments in the table of values and charges shown in this brochure to reflect changes in the U.S. Department of Labor Consumer Price Index.
  2. When storage-in-transit is provided, an additional valuation charge applies for the time your shipment is in storage.

What You Must do to Declare a Value on Your Shipment
The Order For Service you will execute with Atlas contains the Customer’s Declaration of Value. You should fully understand its contents since you will be required to declare a value for your shipment and sign the Declaration certifying that you did so.

If you do not sign for valuation you will automatically receive Full Value Protection with no deductible and will be charged for it. Before completing the Order For Service, we recommend that you carefully read the sample Declaration (next page) and follow the instructions provided in the numbered directions (below).

One — Read the Declaration and evaluate your needs.

Two — Declare a specific valuation.

A. To select Option 1 — “Full Value Protection,” at $6.00 per pound per article (minimum $10,000), initial Line (1).

B. To select Option 1 — “Full Value Protection” for an amount
different than under [1] initial Line [2] and write on Line [3] or [4] either:

1. A higher lump sum dollar amount (for example, $30,000), or
2. A per pound amount which cannot be less than $6.00 per pound.

An additional charge applies when you select this option (see the Full Value Protection Options - below), but this higher level of valuation is much more likely to cover the value of your entire shipment and all of the articles included in your shipment.

When you select Option 1, you must also choose one of the three deductible levels of coverage. To do so, you must initial on:

  • Line [5] to select no deductible, or
  • Line [6] for a $250 deductible, or
  • Line [7] for a $500 deductible.

B. To select Option 2 — “Minimal Protection of 60 Cents Per Pound Per Article,” write the words “60 cents per pound” on Line [8].

Remember, this Option is provided at no additional charge; however, the protection provided by this option is considerably less than the average value of typical household goods, and you should understand that any recovery from Atlas for loss or damage will be nominal.

Three — You must SIGN AND DATE THE CUSTOMER’S DECLARATION OF VALUE on Lines [9] and [10].

Four — Be certain that you understand the material contained in this booklet and if you do not, ask your Atlas agency representative for more information.

Atlas valuation options

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