Warehouse Receipt

Do you get a Warehouse Receipt if you store goods in the mover's warehouse

Yes, for local moves (within New York State) here is what the mover should give you when your shipment is moved into the mover's warehouse for storage...

  1. A copy of the "Bill of Lading" listing the shipment origin and destination and showing the loss/damage liability you have selected for your belongings while they are in the mover's care and custody.
  2. A copy of the "descriptive inventory" which lists the articles and their condition at the time the mover took possession of them.
  3. A copy of the mover's "storage contract" listing the agreed terms and conditions governing the storage of your shipment.

The documents I have listed above are mandatory per the New York State Department of Transportation’s moving & storage regulations; your home state may vary.


We hope this helps! 🙂

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