How to store antique couch without climate control?

I need to store an antique Victorian sofa in my attic, which is not climate controlled, i.e. 40's in the winter and 80's in the summer. What can I cover it with to protect it against these climate changes? -Grace

Oh gee, that is a very tough problem Grace. Unfortunately I do not believe there is anything you will be able to cover your sofa with which will protect against the climate changes you describe. "Climate control" is a term which means heating, air-conditioning and the de-humidification which comes with air-conditioning, and you cannot obtain climate control without such heating and air-conditioning.

Furthermore, if you cover your sofa with a plastic drop-cloth you will probably create a moisture barrier which would probably cause damage to your sofa. However, you should be aware that (in my attic) the roofing nails which protrude from the ceiling sometimes accumulate moisture and small droplets of water fall from them. In addition, you should probably cover you sofa with a cotton sheet which will be breath but will protect your sofa from dust.

You may also want to read our moving tips article Climatic change & its effect on wooden furniture which may provide you with some helpful information.
I’m sorry I can’t provide you with a better solution for you problem but good luck and thank you for visiting us!  Smiley

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