How do we pay the mover?

Can you tell me how payment for moving charges is made?

Household moving companies collect shipment charges COD (Collect on Delivery).

COD charges are paid prior to the truck being unloaded. Therefore, the truck pulls up in front of the delivery residence and the driver will ask for payment prior to unloading your shipment from the truck.

Accepted payment methods are bank check, cash, or credit card...

  • Cash
  • Bank Treasurer's Check
  • Visa Card
  • Master Card
  • Discover Card

If you choose to pay your moving charges with a credit card, your mover will most likely insist that payment be made prior to the truck's arrival. This is to prevent the truck (and the other shipments on board) from being delayed in the event there is a problem with processing the credit card payment.

Please note that movers do not accept personal checks for payment. The only type of check which movers will accept for payment is a "bank treasurer's check(also known as a "cashier's check") which is a check guaranteed by a bank, drawn on the bank's own funds and signed by a cashier. Cashier's checks are treated as guaranteed funds because the bank, rather than the purchaser, is responsible for paying the amount.

In addition, be wary of any moving company that insists upon a "deposit," a down payment, or payment in full prior to the date your shipment is loaded.

I hope this answers your question and good luck with your move!


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